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Our Services


Project Management

Project Management team from CTC handles each clinical trial as being unique and therefore it is treated with high level of professionalism and confidentiality. In order to ensure success, efficiency and accuracy of data from the process of project management, each project manager is in close relation with Sponsor project manager.
We offer services of administration of a clinical trial in-house (TMF, correspondence with investigators and Sponsors, Investigator Folder and anything else as required). CTC project management can adapt according to the requirements of the customer and can proceed according to the Standard Operating Procedures of the customer. In order to ensure quality, data will be externally audited on a regular basis.



CTC organizes sessions of training in Good Clinical Practice for investigators and for personnel of the pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotechnology companies, audit training in clinical trials as well as internal audits for Contract Research Organizations. The sessions of training are held by certified trainers from European Union. GCP and Audit training schedule will be performed upon request.


Organizing investigator meetings

Due to its national coverage CTC is able to provide a large database with potential investigators with different specialties as well as General Practitioners. Our database includes investigators from university hospitals, county hospitals and city hospitals from Romania. Selection of the investigators will be performed according to the requirements of the pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotechnology company, depending on their experience in clinical trials and on the number of patients that they may provide for a specific clinical trial. It is mandatory that the investigators should have GCP trainings. CTC is currently working with 40 county hospitals, 12 university hospitals, 53 city hospitals, approximately 1000 General Practitioner and 500 private practices. CTC has good connections with investigators from cardiology, pneumology, nephrology, neurology, diabetes and metabolic diseases, endocrinology, rheumatology, infectious diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology and dermatology departments.


Flying nurse

A new concept related to accuracy of data provided to Sponsor is mandatory in specific projects. Therefore, CTC offers “Flying nurse” services, a concept of completion of data at the site by a well trained study coordinator from CTC.


Personalized Clinical Trials

Professional monitoring is necessary to get reliable data in time. CTC is proud to offer one of the best-qualified monitoring teams in the country. CTC monitoring team understands both the practice of medicine and the practitioner, allowing them to earn the respect of investigators and coordinators alike. Monitoring activities include clinical site qualification, initiation visits, routine monitoring, drug accountability and close-out visits. Clinical Monitoring is performed according to ICH-GCP, EU Directives, FDA Regulations, CTC/Sponsor Standard Operating Procedures, National Legal requirements.


Regulatory Affairs

CTC is able to prepare the clinical trial documentation for submission to Romanian Regulatory Authorities (National Medicines and Medical Devices Agency) and National Ethics Committee for Clinical Study of the Medicine. CTC is also able to provide audit services of the documentation package of a clinical trial that is submitted to National Ethics Committee for Clinical Study of the Medicine and to National Medicines and Medical Devices Agency.



CTC auditor has experience in conduction of over 450 audits in over 160 clinical trials. We offer audit services for CROs, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Biotechnology Companies, Laboratory and Site Auditing upon request.


Biometrics and medical biostatics

In this respect, CTC have been developing collaborations and partnerships with many domestic and international companies.


Data Management

In this respect, CTC have been developing collaborations and partnerships with many domestic and international companies.



With its experienced staff, CTC is able to provide certified translations of documentation related to the clinical trials from English to Romanian language and back translations.

Standard Services

Personalized services

personalized services for each particular clinical trial

Weekly report

weekly report related to progress of the clinical trial

Solving Issues strategy

solving issues strategy for whole duration of a clinical trial

< 48 hours feedback

feedback to any Sponsor’s request in less than 48 hours

Quantifiable results

quantifiable results delivered at the established time intervals

Cost savings

cost savings strategy for pass-through costs


availability of the Clinical Trial Center professionals and its network of professionals at any time during the whole duration of the clinical trial

Additional Services

Additional to Standard Services, CTC provides tailored services according to Sponsor’s request, such as:

Patient management

organizing travel and accommodation for patients that need to remain at the study center more than 1 day

GCP training of the investigators

according to NMMDA, each Investigator should have two days of GCP training every 2 years

Investigators payment

Any service requested by sponsor